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Modeling and European Beech

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    Yes you can export with command line from the SpeedTree Modeler. Here is a link to the documentation page about this:

    I'm sorry that you have to wait so long for the asset to be exported. Is it a model with a lot of triangles and you are exporting a longer wind sequence?
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      Hi Sonia,

      Thanks for your reply.

      This tree has around 5 Millions of polygons, but I think is taking longer then usual because I am also exporting a wind animation. Around 6 seconds (24fps). Is still exporting after 1 hour.


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        What exactly is the black magic to make the command line work? I tried to add the Path to the System Variables. Didn't work. I tried to run the SpeedTree Modeler, didn't recognize it.


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          Just using the full path to the .com is the easiest, but if you edit PATH so you can use it without that, you usually have to restart the terminal in order for it to pick up those changes.

          However, you know you can always start another copy of the Modeler to work on something else (though performance will suffer a little, obviously).


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            Hi Greg,

            I tried both options and it wasn't working. I need to have a better look. The option to have 2 Speedtree instances working at the same time, doesn't work for me. It says This application failed to acquire a license.