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How to... vines growing over a trunk ?

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  • How to... vines growing over a trunk ?


    I am speaking to you as a student, indeed I learn speedtree recently.
    In short, I try to generate branches around my trunk, like jungle trees (or ivy without leaves).
    However, all the tutorials I find on this subject are too old and I get lost in speedtree v8.1.5.

    I was able to read the following documentation page:
    But the process is too imprecise and I can not generate branches around my trunk. Could someone expose me the prosessus step by step?

    Please, I'm a little idle.

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    1. To get vines to grow around your trunk, the first thing you need to do is select the Trunk, go to the 'Tools' option in the Menu bar and select 'Create Collection from Selection'. This will automatically make and add a mesh version of your trunk, which will then be made into a mesh force.
    2. Go to the property bar above your viewport, click the 'Forces' push button, then go to 'Add Force' -> 'Mesh' and select your trunk collection.
    3. Next, select your trunk -> go to the 'Forces' group and click on the 'Collection' force. This will lead you to the properties of that force.
    4. In the 'Meshes' group, set the 'Force Action' to 'Attract' and the 'Collide Action' to 'Obstruct'.
    5. Create another Trunk generator to make your vines, then enable the 'Collection' force but going to the vine generator's 'Forces' ground and click the checkbox next to the 'Collection' force.
    6. You will then need to edit the strength value and the curves to get the look you want. I would also suggest using a 'Direction' force to help pull certain areas of the vines up and down.

    Hope this helps!