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    Hello newbie here, just trying to set up a basic scene, and using the plugin from clarisse for speedtree, but when i click on make materials, the default materials do not show up. I am awaiting for my license, its still in eval mode. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    Before clicking the 'Make Materials' button, d
    id you load the model file in the 'SpeedTree Model' section and then under 'Geometry' assign a resolution: such as high, medium and low?


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      Yes I did select the resolution, but it still is unable to make the materials; Should this be done inside speedtree cinema before exporting model into clarisse? Thank you


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        Your model should have the materials assigned and set-up inside the ST modeler. The Clarrise plugin only sets-up what has been exported from the ST modeler. So if you have no materials on the model in the modeler, then nothing will be created inside Clarisse except for the default shader.


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          OK that makes sense, so I have to assign the materials inside the Cinema software first; ok let me try to fix that. Thank you for the help


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            It worked, thank you for the help; I can render in Clarisse properly now. Appreciate it