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Speedtree Houdini Render Issue

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  • Speedtree Houdini Render Issue

    I am using the octane render in houdini for my speedtree model, but it is only rendering a purple tree (guessing means no textures); I have used the import speedtree node, and it seems to have imported all the textures and geometry from speedtree cinema, but still rendering as purple in houdini. Help would be greatly appreciated. But in my modeling node, you can see the textures are loaded
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    The model and the textures imported correctly, but it didn't come in with the material set-up to work with the Octane renderer. You will need to make some changes in Houdini to get it to render in the Octane renderer. There are documentations online that can help with this.
    Here is a link to the Octane renderer in Houdini documentation:

    Hope this helps!


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      Ok thank you, will look at the manual and if any issues will let know