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Alembic growth exported with no UVs

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  • Alembic growth exported with no UVs

    I exported an alembic file of a grow exported with materials using Speedtree 8.4.1. When I import to Maya using the Speedtree plugin, geometry and materials import, but it appears there are no UVs so geometry is not textured. Using Redshift 2.6.40. On a side note a non animated alembic export fine with UVs.
    Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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    Maya doesn't handle changing topology well and sometimes goes crazy and loses UVs. I would suggest that in the SpeedTree Modeler's 'Export Settings' that you set 'Group by' to 'Material', this way you can assign the correct textures to the appropriate geometry. Also, the alembic export doesn't include the materials. You will have to set them up yourself.

    Hope this helps!


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      Hi Sonia,
      the 'Group by' to 'Material' is working and I can assign the material to the geometry, but I still don't have the UVs in the alembic coming from Speedtree. So for materials it's ok, but what about if I need a specific texture ? If I do a round trip to a different DCC, it will work ?
      Also I notice the unwrap UV at export is greyed out if using Growth.
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        Yes, you will most likely have no trouble in 3DS Max or Houdini.


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          Ok, will do. Thanks.