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  • Needles?!


    I am frustrated that I have to resort to the forum for something which seems like it should be pretty straight forward. How can I create NEEDLES? In the sample pine there is a Needle node and a Needle Cluster node. When I am creating a new tree, I do not see anywhere to create a needle node.

    Is this simply a renamed leaf node???? Or is there some secret way to get to the needle and needle cluster nodes????

    I have not say, not sure if any of the developers or higher ups view these forums, but Speedtree has been exceptionally frustrating due to it's lack of useful tutorials. There is a 2 minute tutorial on how to use the leaf map maker, that doesn't even explain how to CREATE A LEAF MAP MAKER.

    I apologize for my belligerence, but Speedtree is very EXPENSIVE software, and it's lack of documentation or tutorials on how to do things is a little bit ridiculous. It seems to me like they want users to pay the expensive rental fee to use the software, and then on top of that just buy THEIR $50 premade model trees. Why did I buy the license then? I could have just bought a set of premade vegetation from x-frog or on turbosquid.

    BACK TO MY ISSUE.. Seriously how the eff do I make a needle node???????????

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    Hey there,

    In the example pine you are correct, they are leaf nodes just renamed.

    They are pine branch/pine cluster textures likely made in the Leaf Map Maker.

    The Leaf Map Maker is essentially just a place where you can make clusters or collections of leaves and then export them as a flat image.

    You import that image and create a cutout and specify where the cluster should be attached, and then apply that to your leaf node.

    The reason for this is that attaching individual small branches, and then needles is simply way too much geometry.




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      Thank you for explaining this.

      I'll just add some additional insight and link that will help.

      For needles, if you want individual needles, then load the material and make a Mesh Cutout for the needle texture. You will then create a Leaf generator and assign the needle material and mesh to the generator. From that point, you can model a high poly tree or you can make a Cluster for a lower poly tree.
      Here is a link to our documentation page about the Mesh Cutout tool:

      Here is a link to our tutorial on how to make a Cluster, instead of individual leaves it would just be needles:

      Hope this helps!