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How to instance nodes or connect to multiple sources

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  • How to instance nodes or connect to multiple sources


    I am modeling a tree where I need leaves to grow out of two different levels of branches. I must be missing something but I am unable to connect Batched Leaves generator to more than one node at a time. The current workaround I am using is duplicating the Batched Leaves node, but that's unacceptable workflow, because I have to keep jumping between two different nodes, manually synchronizing every single tweak to leaves I make.

    How do I instance leaf nodes or connect single leaf node to multiple branch nodes so that the leaf node is emitted from multiple branch levels at the same time and I can control leaves appearance at one single place?

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    There isn't a way to instance or connect a Leaf generator to multiple Branch generators. Many times, when a Leaf generator is growing from a different branch structure, it will need slightly different settings. The best approach is to select the multiple Leaf generators at make edits. This way the edits will be applied to them all at the same time and you just have to perform the property edits once.

    Hope this helps!