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Problem When Exporting to UE4

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  • Problem When Exporting to UE4

    I purchased the license for UE4 and exported a tree that came with the software however when imported into the engine i noticed a significant difference in the quality. After deducing that the cause is the lighting. Is there a way to get the lighting info used in the shots inside the SpeedTree app so i can aim to replicated the same visual effects

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    Hey Klixalton,

    From the shot you provided, I can deduce a couple of things you can work on to improve the shading of your tree. Try reducing your skylight intensity and potentially increasing your directional intensity. This can really bring out the subsurface qualities of your clusters.

    In addition the shot from SpeedTree features a less conservative roughness and specular relationship. Try running each of your textures through an individual multiply in the 'A' channel, and an individual scalar in the 'B' channel, and then sending that to your PBR inputs. After, try tinkering with the scalars from 0-2, this will emphasize or de-emphasize your PBR qualities.

    Hope this helps,

    - Noah
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