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Grass for Unity - Compatibility Issues

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  • Grass for Unity - Compatibility Issues

    I can't get the unity created grass to work, Unity does not support Grass with LODs okay so I export the grass without, but I cannot spawn it even without LODs when I add the Speedtree export .ST file as a detail mesh. When I select the LOD itself as a sourcefile the model is displayed but I get the grass "sway" bug, as the information for animation is missing and the whole model basicly moves across the terrain. Can you please provide information on how to get speedtree grass to work in unity?

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    SpeedTree assets are not made to be used in Unity's Grass tool. You will have to import the grass into Unity, go to your 'Terrain' and use the 'Paint Trees' option to paint your grass onto the terrain.

    Hope this helps!


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      Hi Sonia, well I was hoping there was a setting, or something I overlooked as using the paint tree for grass is causing issues with procedual spawning I haven't been able to solve and handpainting thousands of acres isn't an option. Thanks for clarification though.