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Can I export the tree so that the Lump stays as separate geometry

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  • Can I export the tree so that the Lump stays as separate geometry

    I tried by generator - but it still groups it with the trunk. I have tried everything i can think of and exported every which way - any suggestions?


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    To get the lumps to be separate from the trunk, I would suggest exporting it with the 'Group by' set to 'Hierarchy' and that you assign enough levels. For example, if you has a Trunk with lumps and Big Branches growing off the trunk, then I would set it to Level 1 or Level to 2 - 'Major Branches'. This will keep the trunk, lumps and branches separate. Depending on how you want it divided, you just count the generators and set the levels accordingly.

    Here is a link to the documentation page explaining the export settings:

    Hope this helps!


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      Thanks, Is there a reason that 0-All doesn't capture all of them?
      0-All spits out a single mesh, but choosing 3 for a 3 generator mesh spits out all 3?



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        Grouping by hierarchy sets the level in the tree under which the tree will be split apart. For example, a level of 0 means the entire mesh in one group. A level of 1 means the trunks of the tree will each be in different groups with their children (in most cases of simple trees, this will be identical to level 0 since there is only one trunk). With a level of 2, the trunk will be in one group and then each major branch will be in a group with all of its children.


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          so the decorative geo (lumps etc) attached to a trunk would come out with a 2 - essentially the same as branches. The 0-All actually means everything in one shape, rather than all levels that exist in the tree. Is there any way to control what sits in each level - much like the way you can control the wind levels? as in these 4 nodes are in level 1 and these level 2.. this way i could control the grouping of the shapes for export.