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Speedtree 8 dark shadows/AO in Unity

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  • Speedtree 8 dark shadows/AO in Unity

    I have an issue with shadows or AO or maybe something else that's causing Speedtree 8 textures to appear very dark in Unity, I did not encounter this with the version 7 models. The left Model in the picture is from speedtree8, the right one is how it is suppose to look like, based on a 3ds model for comparison. Since I did retry it dozens of times with different models and settings, googled up and down, I'm out of ideas, that's something I expect to work out of the box to be honest. Could you please enlighten me? Edit: I also tried using a complete white AO with factor 2 which seems to be max. it only has a minimal effect in unity.
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    I have made a comparison between a Speedtree 7 export and a Speedtree 8 export with the same model and textures. I added a white AO for 8 and gave it quite bright settings as seen in the screenshot, yet in Unity it is still much darker than its Speedtree 7 version. I looked at your default models, documentation and everything else, I cannot find the issue or if I'm making an error. Please assist.


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      Hello, What version of Unity are you using? How is your lighting built, is this a default scene?


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        Hi, I'm currently on Unitybuild 2019.1.7f1, the first post was from my project, the 2nd is a default scene with directional non baked light, no realtime lightmap, although I tried baking, enviro asset lighting etc in my project. The backside is even darker than the front.


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          Thanks, I'll run some tests to look into this. Is the asset you're using from our store or one of your own?


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            Both assets described are made by myself, if you like I can provide them. The tree was made in version 7 the grass in version 8. I have these issues with all models that where either made in version 8 or I imported/exported in version 8.


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              Harjawalda yes, please "save with assets" into a new folder, zip that folder, and email us your model(s) to [email protected] so we can get a closer look what might be causing this.


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                Hi, as requested I have sent you 2 examples.


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                  (This issue was addressed via support and the answers from the support request are summarized below)

                  First, the tree: this issue is the v7 tree being used in SpeedTree 8 without any upgrades to the generators. We have a little write up about that here if you'd like to see but because of the changes in version 7 to 8, this step is pretty crucial to getting a correct export into Unity (
                  Hand drawn legacy nodes and your node edits will indeed run into issues as you upgrade. Your tree is showing up dark namely to your AO settings and the rest of your PBR.

                  A couple of things will help you preview this correctly for Unity. Head to "view" and "Albedo check" to make sure your color map is within range. On your file, for example: your bark is too bright and the red is indicating that the map will be clipped in unity; blue indicates that the value is to low.

                  You have a value of 2 in the AO slot for your bark texture, but no AO map loaded in. You can use our other view settings to test for problem areas between the gloss and normal. Turning on the "lighting" >"specular" will give you a view to check the light bouncing off your textures via the gloss and normal value. On your leaf clusters, you have a flat normal with no bend and a lower gloss value getting you almost no specular highlight.

                  Hope this helps! Here is some additional reading about PBR materials in version 8 if you need it:

                  For the grass file: The grass file is experiencing the same issues because of the PBR materials set up. A couple things to make note of: there's no subsurface set on the grass texture and a dark specular loaded in with a flat normal.

                  The model set up has the face normals mostly situated pointing inwards, causing most of the grass on the outside of the model to appear dark as light hits it directly. This model might benefit from a gradient AO in the materials slot with some adjustments to the AO settings before export.
                  If you turn on the normal hints while you are modeling, that will help you get a feel for the direction. From there, simply take the profile curve off roll and move them around the spine to face outward.

                  If you turn on the normal hints while you are modeling, that will help you get a feel for the direction. From there, simply take the profile curve off roll and move them around the spine to face outward.

                  Hope this helps!