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Sync wind across multiple files

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  • Sync wind across multiple files

    I am using the speed tree modeler studio, and have a question about wind. I have been exporting 7 different tree meshes to C4D, rendering in cinema at a large size, 8000x3600, and compositing the 7 videos in after effects. I am happy with how the wind looks and feels, but the movements are not in sync. Maybe there is an obvious solution here that I am missing from my workflow, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The wind settings are copy and pasted across the 7 SpeedTree files with minor adjustments on each tree. How do I design the wind to feel the same across multiple files? Should I be relying on more directional wind to make it feel more uniform? How do the frequency settings work, could I find a way to sync them up?

    Is there a way to make the gusts happen at the same time across all files? Are the minor adjustments between the different files throwing everything off?

    Below is a link to a sample of the problem:
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    Hey there,

    Sorry for the delayed reply. In the C4D Exporter dialog box when including wind, turn off gusting and set the pre-roll to around 5 seconds. That should do it for you.