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Screenshot assist variations export to UNREAL 4 engine

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  • Screenshot assist variations export to UNREAL 4 engine

    Hello, I recently started using Speedtree and I must admit, it's just perfect software for creating any kind of foliage you wish. But I have one problem. There is an option in modeler - SCREENSHOT ASSIST - through which you can add color variations to individual leaves. So, I created a high poly tree with individual leaves (not billboard leaves) for architectural visualization with this effect added, but when I exported the tree in Unreal engine, they are gone, just all the leaves are the same color again. SO, my question - Is there any possibility to export in engine also these leaf color variations ?

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    Hey there,

    Screenshot Assist is intended to help you make adjustments in the Modeler only for taking screenshots. You might be able to achieve what you want by making a few different variations of your leaf texture in an image editing application such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP.



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      Thank you for quick response. But, in my opinion, it would be great if this feature was implemented and leaf variations could be exported. Cause I have to make several leaf color variations in Photoshop and it's more work, also the final result is still much less precise and much less good looking compared to what you can achieve with screenshot assist.


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        If we did some sort of leaf variation export, it would most likely do exactly what you are doing by modifying the color map for the textures.

        Since you are using UE4, you could in fact implement something in this tree's leaf material, if you wish. We pack a good bit of data in the texture coordinates to do things like wind and smooth LOD. For leaves, one of those values is the anchor point, i.e. the point about which it rotates in wind. All the vertices in that leaf share the same anchor. To get it, you'd use (texcoord4.y, texcoord5.x, texcoord5.y). You can then use this to generate a random number to modify the hue of the color map. With a few parameters to tweak, I'm sure you could get something acceptable. Note: this only works on leaves. Branches and fronds have different data in the texcoords.