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Photogrammetry roots?

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  • Photogrammetry roots?

    Hi! I have been trying out the photogrammetry tools and wondering if it is possible to add roots to a scanned tree trunk mesh? I tried doing it the same way that you add branches and flipping the stitch 180 but it didnt seem to work, is there another way or im doing it wrong?


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    Hi Sophwx!
    The simplest way is to use a target and click place the location of the roots with procedural branches coming off it. There's no need to rotate or flip targets or a stitch. You can find a template for this under "photogrammetry">"click placed branches". Your generation window would look like "tree">"mesh">"target">branch". You might have already seen it but here is the video on this:

    If you're using a mesh that has holes or has a small space near the bottom, you might find welding to be a bit more difficult. The goal of the target and hand manipulating is to find the place where that weld can properly attach. The branches coming off the target need to be set to behave like roots, for example with planar on and a bit of gravity.


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      Ok great, Thankyou for your help I will try this approach