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Growth animation : help for radius

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  • Growth animation : help for radius


    i'm trying to grow a simple tree, with trunk a very thin on the top.

    Unfortunately, during the growth, the trunk seems simply cut. I tried to adjust with the animation curves, but the result is not satisfying.
    Is there a simple way to get the trunk keeping its final shape while growing ? or a way to avoid this "cut" effect ?

    For example, on the left : final trunk / on the right : growing but "cut" trunk
    Click image for larger version

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Name:	growing trunk.png
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    Thanks for your help

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    Hello, in our current builds, the growth of a trunk needs to reach it's intended location before it can start the growth of an extended parent (tapered tip).

    Unfortunately, that can be a bit tricky if you have a particularly chunky trunk and the speed of the first trunk but there are some things you can do to minimize the awkwardness.

    The first thing we do is add a cap to most of the growing generators so there's never an empty space. building the tree without extensions until you get to the upper canopy can help as well. The third thing would be to adjust the radius profile curve in the branches animation properties. By keeping the front of the curve smaller for longer, you'll start with a much smaller trunk radius and a less visible "chopped off" top. This gives the start of the tree a chance to grow the trunk up before expanding.

    Click image for larger version

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      Yeah, this one is a huge gap in functionality I must say. I have a client right now that is very eager to have the radius grow like the OP describes and just no way of doing it. Will have to build elaborate setup in Houdini to make it work which absolutely sucks for such an easy and logical thing. GLTA