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Blurry textures when loading trees into game

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  • Blurry textures when loading trees into game

    Hi guys. Still a bit unexperienced with Speedtree hope somebody can help me out!
    So I am using the newest version of the Speedtree Games Indie version and bought a few models (the Hero River Birch for example). I wana use the models in a game called Fallout 4, not sure if youre familiar with it. It used a fairly old engine but you can still mod it in a good way.
    My problem now is though, that within the Speedtree Modeler the tree looks absolutely fine and sharp but as soon as I export the model plus the cluster textures, the cluster textures turn a lot darker than they used to be in the modeler plus the cluster textures look pretty blurry ingame...
    I already tried to adjust the texture a bit in photoshop but that didnt help either.
    I attached a few photos how it looks in the modeler, in game and how i normally export (size that bid as the models in Fallout are natually big) Hope you guys can help me and have a great day.

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    Hi Nina,
    Just wanted to repost Greg's answer from support in case anyone else had the same issue:

    You are exporting with the standard texture packer, which leaves the images in linear gamma. The engine you are importing to most likely needs textures in sRGB gamma. The easiest fix is to switch to one of the other texture packers, like UE4, that saves textures in sRGB.

    As for detail, it looks like you may not have the normal maps in the engine. So you'll need to figure out how to get those in there as well, which will improve how it looks. You may need to edit a texture packer (in <apps install>/texture_packers) to get exactly the setup of textures you need for that engine if one of ours doesn't match.


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      Hi and thanks for the answer. I will try with the other settings. As for engine, it uses normalmap
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