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  • Cannot Export?

    Hey guys!

    I just started trying SpeedTree Modeler and it's pretty awesome. However, I am using the one that comes packaged with UDK. I was playing with everything and made a really nice tree and when I went to export it...

    "Mesh exporting is disabled in this version of SpeedTree Modeler."

    Can I assume that this version that comes with UDK is only available to model with but is not licensed to export out to the game?

    What a TEASE!

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    You can't export static meshes from the Modeler, but the pipeline to bring SpeedTrees into UDK is intact.

    See the UDN page for information on how to use SpeedTree in UDK:


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      Thanks! I'll check it out.


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        Thanks for the link.

        I gave it a try and the tree does not show up in UDK. It's invisible in the SpeedTree Editor in UDK as well as in the map after adding it in.

        I'm not getting any errors on export/import and it says it's there in the Scene section of the content browser, but it's invisible, even after connecting a material to it. This happens when I try with a tree that I made and also with one of the SpeedTree example trees.

        I also tried this tutorial: but the version that it's being shown on is 2009 and there are a few things that are different with the latest build.

        Any suggestions?


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          I'm not sure. You may want to try the UDK forums for information specific to UDK: