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Export FBX/Alembic problems into 3dsMAx

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  • Export FBX/Alembic problems into 3dsMAx


    I exported animated tree from SpeedTree into alembic and when I opened this file in 3dsmax, I found out that some polygons from some tree elements stretched to the center (screenshot Click image for larger version

Name:	alembicProblem.jpg
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ID:	3362) They are not seen on render, but I still have a question - what is it? How can I liquidate this bug?

    I exported 13 secons 24 f/s. in alembic all range of frames was animated. when I exported the file with the same settings into FBX using your script for 3dsMax, my animation continues only 102 frames, while it should be 312

    Best regards,

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    What version of SpeedTree are you using? If it is not the latest (7.1.1), be sure to update. We are always fixing small bugs in exporting, and I want to make sure we're on the same page.

    Sometimes when importing FBX, the animation time will be rescaled to the scene's working FPS. Could that have happened?

    Another possibility is the FBX SDK sometimes gets a little weird if the file sizes go over ~2GB. So if your tree is complex, and your file size is in the GB range, try breaking up the model a bit by changing the "group by" option in the FBX exporter dialog. Set it to something like "by material", which will make a point cache per material instead of one big one for the whole tree.


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      Thank you for reply!

      I using 7.1.1.

      I set up FPS and frame range before import and yes *.mc over 2GB. I will try breaking up the model.

      What about alembic ? How can I solve it?
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        I am not sure about the stretching triangles. It looks like it only happens on that particular flower(?) mesh. Is there something weird with that mesh?

        If you still have trouble, please send your tree to use and we can take a look. Use "save as with assets" from the file menu into an empty folder, then zip up the folder and send it to [email protected]. It is possible you found a bug of some sort.