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Speedtree Cinema vs UE4

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  • Speedtree Cinema vs UE4

    Hi, I am working on a nature scene in Unreal engine 4.
    Iam currently deciding between buying the Speed tree for Unreal engine 4 or the Cinema version.

    How do these versions compare? Is there anything the UE4 version can do that the Cinema version cannot?

    My main reason for buying the Cinema version is the ability to export regular .fbx, instead of being locked down with the proprietary format. Is that at all restricting inside UE4? Can I stil apply my own materials etc.?


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    Hi Roggi,
    The Cinema modeler is not for real-time use. You would not want to use that if you're working in UE4 and you would not be able to export LOD's, collision objects or games wind. We have SpeedTree for Games with an Indie Licence which would allow you to export an FBX for ue4. The subscription, or hobbyist modeler, will only allow you to export directly into UE4. We'd be happy to point you to the right product if you want to email us at [email protected]!


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