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SpeedTree Wind UE4 LOD options

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  • SpeedTree Wind UE4 LOD options

    Greetings ,

    We've been running into an issue with what appears to be an interaction of the SpeedTree node for wind and the LOD settings in UE4.
    in the Mesh details for the tree in ue4 we've turned off Auto compute LOD Distance as the default is way to close , and lowered the screensize for each LOD so it changes when further away .

    the issue is that the SpeedTree node plugged into the world position offset seems like it is still transitioning between wind setting per LOD based on the default distances , so when we step back there is a uv shift even though the mesh has not changed LOD. im not certain this is exactly what is happening but the view distance it bugs out at is the same as the default lod1 distance.

    can see this clearly by setting the lod1 screensize to 0.0001 . in the SpeedTree Node we saw it has LOD Type Smooth and Pop , but didnt find a way to have it reference the distance set in the meshes , or scale its internal distance.
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    I think we have a work around for now to make it less apparent . the key factor seemed to be that in SpeedTree we were using the Size Scale parameter in the leaves LODs to keep the density looking good , and with the Speed Tree node in ue4 set to LOD Type Smooth it was scaling the leaves based on the default lod distance.

    We have now set our Leaves LOD> Size Scale to 1 and increased their Keep value to hold more of the density of leaves as it lods down.
    Lastly in ue4 we changed the SpeedTree node to use LOD Type Pop so that it isn't scaling down the leaves that will disappear between LOD0 and LOD1 with the default LOD distance. overall i think it may still be a bug worth looking into but with those setting is working fairly well.