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Missing part of trunk in UE after export

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  • Missing part of trunk in UE after export

    Hi, I've got a problem with my tree. After exporting to UE there is missing part of trunk and bark texture. In ST the bark is ok. I checked the mesh viewport with visible polys in ST and in the trunk there is everything ok, the texture has double sided option enabled. What causes that and how can I fix that?

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    Hi Ahron,
    Would you be able to do a "save with assets" into a new folder and send us that .spm file to test. You can send that to [email protected]. What version of UE4 are exporting into? We'll definitely take a look at it for you!


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      Thanks Sarah, I've just send an email with ST file and assets. UE version 4.22.3 (newest release).


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        wanted to post our reply here in case anyone had the same issue. The trunk disappearing was remedied by a fresh export using the export to UE4 option "LODs and billboard, include variations and seam blends, atlas everything, allow v-wrapping.

        Bring your file into ue4, make sure to hit the "import materials" on the dialogue box.