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ST 8 Exporter Makes Albedo Darker

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  • ST 8 Exporter Makes Albedo Darker

    When using the ST 8 Exporter (Export to Game) my albedo/color maps come out darker than the input images - as if something is being multiplied over it. Using the legacy exporter (Export Mesh) outputs un-edited textures. For pipeline reasons I need to use Export to Game. There is no variation color applied to any texture, nor any edits to the color texture in the software. I am only exporting Color, Opacity, and Normal.

    I'd appreciate any advice on how to retain the color/luminescence of my original textures when using the exporter.

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    The standard texture packer that we use with the SpeedTree SDK saves textures in linear space, not sRGB, so it looks darker if you are expecting sRGB.

    You can use one of the other texture packers, or edit standard to convert to sRGB, or make your own. Since everyone's engine might expect different texture setups, this is quite easy to do. For instance, in <apps install>/texture_packing/Standard.fx, edit this line:

    sOutput.m_vTexture0 = float4(sInput.m_vColor, sInput.m_fOpacity);

    to this:

    sOutput.m_vTexture0 = float4(LinearTosRgb(sInput.m_vColor), sInput.m_fOpacity);

    You will also want to add LinearTosRgb() to the RGB in the subsurface texture. But not the normal/gloss texture.

    Hope this helps


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      Perfect thanks!