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Wind LOD won't increase

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  • SarahScruggs

    Each of the wind options has a varying degree of levels available. For the Unreal Engine or Unity wind options, you are only given one level so you'll need to start the wind at the most important generator. The generation window is actually displaying the numbers wrong and a 2 should not be showing up for that wind. We've logged this to fix so there's no confusion! Multi-level wind is available for VFX wind.

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  • Bts
    started a topic Wind LOD won't increase

    Wind LOD won't increase


    Using ST8 and I've added "little branches" to "big branches". The big branches show as "2" when the fan is enabled, but so do the little branches. When I go into the global wind settings, there is only 1 level available for branch motion. How would I create a new branch motion level? I've tried adding various branches/twigs to no avail.