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Unity + Speedtree 8.4.1, no lightmap UVs

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  • Unity + Speedtree 8.4.1, no lightmap UVs

    I know I am missing something and hope someone can help me out! I've gone through the steps SpeedTree has on their documentation ( and am not having any success.

    One of the main things I am missing is the actual Lightmap UV window that is supposed to pop up in the lower left corner. I've made an image with all the things I couldn't locate from the documentation.

    Essentially I can't locate a lot of the features the documentation talks about.

    hope you can help!

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    I split my giant image up because it was getting down rezzed too much.


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      Hi Danas,
      You can reach that preview by heading to "view" >"lightmap". On each generator, head to properties > all > lightmap in a modeler that allows for lightmap editing. Unity does not currently use lightmaps, so that render mode is disabled in the SpeedTree for Unity subscription modeler.
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        Thanks for the heads up SarahScruggs
        Dang, I am using mixed lighting in my outdoor scene in Unity (realtime shadows up close that blend to baked at a certain distance). Our shadow distance is relatively close to maintain 60 frames/sec so there is a very noticeable pop to no shadows.

        Do you have a suggestion how other teams have gotten around this?


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          or can I roll back to a previous version of speedtree in order to get lightmaps?


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            Hi Danas, If you're subscribed, the v7 SpeedTree for Unity subscription would be in your downloads. Any trees saved with version 8 are not backward compatible, however.


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              Dang! Do you know if there are any plans to get lightmapping working for the Unity modeller?

              Thanks for you help, too