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Branches along Split not behaving properly

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  • Branches along Split not behaving properly


    I've recently been testing SpeedTree Games Indie and have encountered a small issue where the branches along a split are not reacting to parameter changes. As seen in the GIF below, the top two branches are not moving at all. I followed the Split guidelines from the documentation: Split Chance set to 1 and U tiling to 2 on parent branch, and Extend Parent set to Any in child branch. I was wondering if this is a current limitation of the Split feature.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Split Issue.gif
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    Hello- That definitely looks like you've stumbled across a bug. Could you do a "save as with assets" with your file and send us that to troubleshoot at [email protected]
    Thank you for reporting it!


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      Okay. After experimenting with more parameters, it seems that the branches from the split are responding only to certain parameters, not all of them. I'll do some more testing first. Maybe there's some setting I overlooked.


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        On the radius, the end extension's radius size is controlled by the end of the parent's radius profile curve. The thing that looked off was the ancestor control.