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Efficient way to backup files?

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  • Efficient way to backup files?

    Hi, I have a question about backing up speedtree files.

    I noticed that if I copy / paste those files on an extra hard drive, then open them up, I get red materials all over my trees indicating that the material information is gone. The structure of the tree remains the same, but I find it inconvenient that if I lost my main files for example, that resorting to the backup files would still leave me with the task of having to redo every single material.

    After browsing through the forum and reading online, I've read that the best way to handle this is to open up the original files, and do "save as" on the backup drive, because copy / paste will leave me with the material problem. Is there a more efficient way of doing this? I have a lot of speedtree files, so it would definitely be more convenient to just be able to copy / paste them like any other program, instead of doing a "save as" one by one.

    I could do that if its the only way, was just hoping for something more efficient.

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    Hi Larry,
    You can copy and paste the whole folder to keep your paths the same. For example, copying "LarryTree" and pasting it, then opening an spm and saving a new name would allow you to keep the correct paths:
    >>>>>Bark Textures
    >>>>>Leaf Textures

    You can do the "save as" method as well, as well as use a file that's set up with the textures, save a new file, and copy the geometry over by having two open at once.


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      Hi Sarah, sorry for the delay. This helps clear the workflow for me, thanks for your response! Very much appreciated