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  • Export multiple objects into Unreal

    I've got a question according the speedtree modeler for Unreal Engine. I made a tree as you can see in the picture below and now want to export it as a whole mesh but with seperate materials for the different parts. For examle when I export my tree out of speedtree and import it into Unreal I can apply just one material on the whole tree but I want to apply different materials for the roots, the trunk, the branches and the twigs. I already applied different materials on the different parts in speedtree but when I load it in Unreal they aren't adopted and I can just apply one material for the whole tree. It's important for me because I want the trunk and the twigs displace differently. Sometimes I get up to three different materials in Unreal (however..) but they are not aligned right (see second picture, roots and branches are one)

    My question is if it is possible to export different materials and if yes how I can achieve this?

    Thanks for an answer, I hope my question was clear.

    Click image for larger version

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    When the tree is compiled for real-time, geometry is merged as much as possible so it renders quickly. Everything with the same geometry type and material will get merged into one draw call.

    The determination of "same material" is a little more advanced, as it actually looks at your materials and makes conclusions about if they're the same. Since you have the same settings in all your materials, it merged them.

    Put a different texture on them, and they will come in as separate draw calls.