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Grass Shader harsh shadow issues

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  • Grass Shader harsh shadow issues

    Hi there guys! Had a question here for you with some major normals/shadow issues with basic grass in the speedtree modeler. We are having some issues at my studio trying to get some less crazy harsh shadowing effects happening in UE4, and so far all the lighting settings I've tweaked in the modeler haven't done much to help. I've tried two-sided and one sided, both having similar results. I've also tried changing the shader type in unreal 4, however it still has those extreme shadows specifically on the grass.

    Any ideas or solutions here? Its a old issue I've never managed to fully wrap around in the speedtree modeler, everything else is working fantastic though!

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    Hey @Sinqnew! Let me get a few more details to help you troubleshoot: what version of SpeedTree, and what version of Unreal you're using?

    In addition to those details, we are happy to evaluate the model directly: open up your model in SpeedTree, save as with assets, zip it, and send it our way at [email protected]! (if you can't, please screenshot your material settings so that we can evaluate them for common problems.)


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      Awesome thanks! I just sent a email. We use version 8.3 for Speedtree and 4.22.2 for Unreal. This is a issue however I've had with speedtree for years, and a issue I had with unity as well. I'm wondering if this is more of a workflow issue and less of a version problem for me.