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Create Mesh Asset Option missing, not included in Speedtree Version?

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  • Create Mesh Asset Option missing, not included in Speedtree Version?

    I want to create a separate asset out of a selection of nodes in Speedtree, but the option for creating an asset ouf of the selection is not present in my menu as described in the manual.
    Is this not included in the subscription license?

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    That feature was removed in v8. If you're working within the same tree, creating a collection is better because it will update when something in the tree changes (collections are great for things like vines that need a mesh force). If you're working in a different tree, just use regular mesh exporting for the same effect.

    Hope this helps


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      Hi, I do not have an export mesh option either, all I can do is export to Unity or quick export to Unity. So I assume my version does not have this functionality? I can create a collection from selection but I don't know what to do with it without the mentioned export.

      Other question related to this how do I close the bottom hole of the branch? The manual says "Caps are placed only at the end or beginning of a branch." So I assume thats possible there is an option in the cap generator for bottom, but it does not do anything.


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        Sorry about that; exporting meshes is a feature specific to our Games Indie, Games Full, & Cinema Modelers (vaguely noted here,; the subscription modeler will not have that option available.

        What is it you're specifically trying to accomplish, Harjawalda? We might be able to help you if we get a better idea of your project goals.

        As to you your cap question: make a second cap with the extension set to "bottom"


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          Hi, I want to create branches, fallen logs etc. as separate meshes in order to place them on their own lying around. Since I cannot export them as separate meshes I had the idea to hide all other nodes and thus only export the visible parts. That kinda works although I was unable to close the cap on the buttom. I added an additional cap and set it to bottom but it is not visible as seen on screenshot. I tried to make a new generated trunk created large branches and retried this but that cap didn't show up either.
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            Currently, you can not set a bottom cap ([]=bottom&s[]=caps) on a branch that has a parent. It's something we could log as a request. For the workflow you're trying to achieve however you can copy a branch and have it attached to the tree generator with an Absolute 1 generation style, then add top and bottom caps. You could then hide the tree while you work and create several variations of the broken branches in the same file while copying the same canopy structure and using the same texture setups. Send out an export for each branch variation with the undeeded parts hidden.


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              copy pasting branches only seem to work with procedural generated branches, I cannot copy paste a hand drawn branch and attach it to a trunk it won't show up. I tried to do what you described with a procedural generated branch and alter it afterwards but I can't get the bottom cap to show up.