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Latest version crashes every time I try to open a file I just saved.

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  • Latest version crashes every time I try to open a file I just saved.


    I've just built a tree from scratch with the unity no-subscription modeler. I had been saving the scene and opened it several times no problem. I exported the tree as a single draw call but accidentally selected billboard only. I exited the program. Now I cannot open that save file -- it crashes every time.

    Any help would be great!

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    Problem solved.

    I'm a bit stupid. I thought installing the newer version of SpeedTree overwrote the old version. So I was in v7 and trying to open v8 files, which caused the crash.

    Note for devs: option on install to create desktop icon would be nice.


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      You were hurt. Do you keep any duplicate of the lost file? Because there are always a few duplicate files stored separately, that's what I do even with the backups of my sites and There isn't very little fear of losing the file.
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        Where do duplicates get stored?


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          Hey Javor.alex: the auto-save settings can be found in the application preferences of both v7 ( and v8 modelers (
          Recovery/back-up files often appear in the tree folder with a "~" symbol attached to it and, in v8, if the modeler crashes and you reopen the application, you may be asked if you'd like to open a recovery/backup file (example of prompt in image below).

          Click image for larger version  Name:	v8Backup.JPG Views:	1 Size:	14.9 KB ID:	7495

          Just to be sure that there isn't any confusion about the compatibility of models between v7 and v8: due to the differences between v7 and v8, the v8 models will not open in the v7 modeler and cause the crashes you mentioned. You can, however, upgrade v7 models to v8: more details on that process can be found here:

          We hope this helps!


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            Fantastic, thanks!