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Wind exporting 3-4 branch lvl and timeline.

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  • Wind exporting 3-4 branch lvl and timeline.


    I turn on global wind, and it moves only the first trunk and second branches sticking out of it,
    but it doesn't influence third branches and etc. If I turn off wind in settings of first trunk and second branches,
    than wind appears on branches of third and forth category.

    How can I fix this and make wind working on all branches?Click image for larger version

Name:	wind_problem.jpg
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    I can not understand how wind works in timeline. I need to make a blast of wind for 3 seconds,
    then a period with no wind, so the tree stops moving, for 8 seconds approximately, and then
    I need to make some blast of wind again. There are various curves in speed tree,
    which determine wind power in time, but how they work with timeline I can't understand.
    While exporting I can specify 5 seconds or 25 seconds of animation and it is absulutely not clear how the curves will be relevant to shot.

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    And how can I set frequency of wind strength ? Click image for larger version

Name:	windSlider.jpg
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    Edit: Gusting helps me.

    When I try to turn off wind on the first trunk and to animate it with the global motion,
    the second and the third levels of branches can be animated, but I also have the fourth level
    and I don't understand how to animate it.
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      Wind can only be applied on 2 different branch levels. However, I wouldn't enable wind on the trunk because there are 'Global Settings' that will move the trunk. I would suggest enabling wind on Level 1 branches and Level 3 branches. As for quickly editing the wind strength, you can do that by setting the highest and lowest point on the wind slider image you posted. The highest will be the max point and the lowest the min point during the wind cycle.

      If you click on the fan icon above that slider, a whole set of wind controls will appear. The 'Gusting' settings will help you control the duration. Here is a docs page with all the wind controls explained:

      Hope this helps.


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        Thank you.
        It helped.
        But still it is not clear how to relate animation in SpeedTree to exported shots.
        How will the first shot look like in exported sequence?
        Are you going to add extra levels for wind animation in future?
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          How will the first shot look like in exported sequence?

          Well the wind animation will look just the same as it does in the modeler. It will go through the wind cycle repeatedly until the time you exported finishes. You can control in ST if you want a quicker start up for the wind with gusts or you just want wind with no gusts. The export sequence if just the tree in the modeler, if you wish to export the mesh and bring it into another program with wind animation, then you need to use export mesh and make sure you enable 'Wind' in the export settings. There you can also control for how long.

          As for adding extra wind animation levels, I can log that for our developers, but at the moment no.