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  • Export Vertex Colors for Unity

    Hello all. I'm attempting to access the vertex colors created in Speedtree in Unity and unfortunately they do not seem to included in the export.
    I'm using SpeedTree Modeler v8.4.1 (Unity Subscription Edition), and am exporting to Unity 2019.1.12f1, and am using Unity's new HDRP for a television animation project.

    I've followed the HDRP export instructions here which is very helpful, and I've got the tree imported properly into Unity.
    As you know, SpeedTree wind does not work yet in HDRP, so I'm currently attempting to create wind myself with shaders via Amplify Shader Editor.

    I love the implementation show here in Firewatch, and I'm attempting to recreate this. I have setup the vertex colors of the tree, but unfortunately they are not coming over to Unity.
    I'm guessing Speedtree is trying to pack the standard SpeedTree wind, AO and color variation information into the Vertex Colors, but I do not need any of these.

    Any ideas on how I might get the vertex color information into Unity?

    Below you'll find three images: my export settings from Speedtree, what the Vertex Colors look like in Speedtree, and what the Vertex Colors look like in Unity.
    Thanks for your time

    Speedtree Export Settings
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Vertex colors are in fact included in the export. But what they are not included in is the SpeedTree importer in Unity, and there is no place in the vertex buffer for them currently.

    If you upgraded to SpeedTree Indie, you would get full mesh export to FBX, which includes vertex colors. But the difference in price may not be warranted for it.

    Wish I had an easy answer for you