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Speedtree 8.4 export custom mesh to Unity 2019.1.6 not working for me.

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  • Speedtree 8.4 export custom mesh to Unity 2019.1.6 not working for me.

    Hey guys.

    Ive got a issue exporting custom meshes that are added to my plants. When using a custom mesh (Zone generator) It wont export to Unity. The brown seedlings just dont export with the rest of the plant.
    I had a problem with my previous tree aswell where when exporting a tree with a custom trunk. It showed in the first LOD0 but not in LOD1-LOD2. It just entirely disappeared. Ive tried setting the LOD part of the trunk off. But to no avail.

    Am I importing custom meshes in a incorrect way? Or is my export faulty?

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    I managed to figure out why my custom mesh wasent being exported. Infact it was. But at the 0.0 coordinate of the mesh. Aka underground in Unity. So after some fiddeling I got it to export. Only problem now still remains is that when exporting a custom mesh from Speedtree to Unity. The custom mesh shows in LOD0 but not in LOD1 or 2.
    What settings should I be using for this issue?


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      Syprus : If you peek into the output window of your SpeedTree screenshot, you'll notice a warning about legacy generators that do not support LOD generation: the zone generator is not compatible with LOD generation.

      There are a couple ways we can work to create the desired appearance of your foliage without the use of a second zone generator:

      First, you can replace the reed mesh's zone generator with a leaf mesh and then assign the reed mesh and material to it under the material tab. Adjust the leaf parameters to get it positioned where you want it to be (the parameters I adjusted were mostly in the gen and orientation tabs of the leaf generator, making the gen mode "absolute", limiting the boundaries to the top of the reed stem, lightly adjusting the size and rotation, and finally setting the sky influence under local orientation to 1; the adjustments you'll make will depend upon your reed mesh/meshes, which you can assign to the high, medium, and low LODs)

      Another approach would be adding a branch generator to the stem of your river reed and setting "extend parent" to "any"; adjust that extension's first and last settings so that you have 1 individual extension from your Cattail's stem. To make the extension resemble the shape of the cattail mesh, adjust the length under "Spine" and radius under "Skin". The blue profile curve on radius will allow you to adjust the shape so that you get that curve on the extension's bottom and top. Further distinguish the cattail from the stem by adjusting the shape and scale under "Displacement". Looking at reference images, there's often a tuft of some sort coming out of the cattail: you can achieve this using a similar approach to your reed but adjust the profile curve so that it thins out at the top. Add a cap to the top and you'll have a reed ready to go
      (while you could forgo the extension and adjust the profile curve on your stem's generator so that you get the cigar shape on the end of the stem, this extension method makes it easier to add materials to the specific portions of the model without the need to generate entirely new textures combining both)

      If the above methods don't fix the LOD issues you're having, feel free to send some more specific information: what SpeedTree modeler are you using (subscription for Unity? Indie?) You mentioned 8.4, are you not currently using the latest build? (8.4.1 at the time of writing this.)

      We hope this helps!


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        KatLeeHong , Thank you so much for your very well written reply. It helped alot in my understanding of Speedtree!

        Indeed the Leaf Mesh generator is more logical to use when it comes to the reeds. Now my only problem is that the reeds themselves shrink over the course of the different LODS.
        I'm somewhat confused about the weight/scale factor and mesh index of the Dynamic LOD tab. How would I counter them dissapearing? I could go to the tree tab and turn off the downscaling of the leaves. But I dont really want that as the poly count is nice to lower over the LODS.
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          Syprus: In the leaf generator, the LOD "weight" affects which ones (in that specific generator) go away, the scale factor adjust how much the remaining leaves will compensate (scale up), and the Tree's dynamic LOD profile curves control how many go away in total (in that category). (More about the leaf generator can be found here: and more about the tree generator can be found here:

          If you'd still like to diminish the poly count while maintaining the reeds, you'll either have to raise or max out the leaf's dynamic profile curve (as well as the branch's if you want to maintain the reed stems.) Because of your foliage's design, this will, as you noted, keep the other leaves there as well.

          With the foliage you have designed here, you can further lower your reed's poly count by setting the optimization of the branch generator to 1 (which will decrease the segment count as the LOD level increases) and trying to add lower poly versions of your reed to it's "med" and "low" geometry options.

          Changing the other leaf generators to frond generators growing off of a spine only branch generator would allow you to adjust the leaf dynamic profile curve while still letting the fronds diminish as the LODs decrease poly count.

          Hope this helps!