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SpeedTree editor has very low FPS

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  • SpeedTree editor has very low FPS

    Hello, I've downloaded speed tree for unity from this link: and right when I launched it the entire editor has very low frame rate. Even when an empty scene with no tree is displayed, when I rotate/pan around or whatever everything is very choppy. I looked up what gpu the speed tree app is using and of course it's using my NVidia GTX 1080 gpu so the problem isn't here.

    But, when I set the shadow quality to "ultra" the frame rate has increased a little and I don't know why since that's counter intuitive (but fps in SP editor is still horrible).

    Any help how to remove this frame rate stutter would be much appreciated.

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    Hey martinQuerry : this sounds unusual. Your modeler's functionality may be limited by other factors outside of the program. Are other programs running in the background? Do you have adequate hard drive space?

    We hope this helps!


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      No worries other programs don't affect my performance since my specs are:

      CPU: Intel i7-7700 @ 3.60GHz
      GPU: NVidia GTX 1080
      RAM: 16GB
      SSD: 1TB

      and everything is up to date so is there something else that might cause the problem inside ST like a particulalr setting or so?


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        I see you mention everything is up-to-date, but be sure to get the latest driver straight from the manufacturer (in this case nVidia), not just Windows Update.

        When you run the Modeler, it will print the graphics card it is using in the console, be sure that it is listing yours. If you have multiple monitors, you'll need to run the Modeler on one that is plugged into said graphics card.

        If you had a tree open, I would ask how big it is (like say >1M polys) or if textures were still streaming in. But it seems it is occurring in an empty scene as well, so I am not really sure. We can investigate further if you still have trouble.


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          Hi, when I said everything is up to date I mean it, every type of SW u cna think of even graphics card & windows.
          This is console output: > GPU: NVIDIA Corporation GeForce GTX 1080/PCIe/SSE2, OpenGL: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 436.30 and both my monitors are plugged into my gfx card.
          And as I mentioned even with empty blank scene frame rate is realy low so I have absolutely no idea where else can be the problem.. but htx for reply