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Change privot point on custom meshes?

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  • Change privot point on custom meshes?

    Hi guys. Im trying to make a tomato plant. I therefor imported a tomato model i made in Blender. The privot point seems wrong though, every time i try to assign the mesh the tomato is just floating sideways and not attached to the branch. I tried to move the tomato manually with the orientation options but its a pain and time consuming. Any way to assign the privot point to the top of my tomato like i marked in the attached photo so that its attached the right way? Thanks for answering!
    Attached photos here:

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    MissNinaK : you'll need to change your tomato object's origin point in Blender for it to be recognized as the pivot point in SpeedTree.

    Additionally, how are you adding the tomatoes in SpeedTree? If you start with a trunk, add a branch generator (set it to "spine only" under the skin tab's "type"), and attach a leaf generator & frond generator to the spine only branch generator, you can assign the leaves to the fronds and the tomato mesh to the leaf mesh. Once that's set up, you can edit their position as separate groups rather than individually.

    We hope this helps!