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Deleted branches are spawning children

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  • Deleted branches are spawning children

    Hey there,

    so I've gone ahead and deleted several lower level branches throughout my tree that were undesired. Now that I'm content with the large scale arrangement of the tree, I'm moving ahead with the next level of branches in the hierarchy by adding an additional branch generator. Unfortunately I'm finding that the deleted branches are spawning child branches. This means they are floating in mid air. I suppose I could go ahead and delete all of these, but that's not how it should be. Am I missing something?


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    Are you sure you actually deleted the nodes? Nodes that are hidden, LODd out, or have no geometry can still have children. If you actually delete them, they will not.

    To delete a node, switch to node editing mode (the second button in the tree window toolbar), select the nodes, and hit delete.


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      Yep, that's how I've been deleting nodes.
      Good point about the LOD options. I'll need to see if they might be causing this.

      How do you hide/unhide individual nodes (instead of entire generators)? I didn't know that was possible.