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UE swapping materials on different LODs, please help!

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  • UE swapping materials on different LODs, please help!


    I have a tree which works and looks fine in Speedtree. When imported into UE4 the tree functions correctly at LOD0 and 1... at 2 and 3, it swaps out all materials to the Leaf Material (as in trunk and vines too). But not for LOD0 and 1.
    Does anyone have any idea how to maybe troubleshoot this please? I've tried re-importing, setting/swapping materials in and out of ST and UE but nothing has worked.

    Thank you for any help in advance!

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    Hey Chris_L : What version of the SpeedTree modeler are you using, what are your export settings, and what version of UE4 are you importing into?

    If you'd like us to take a closer look at your model, open it in the modeler, save as with assets into a new folder, zip it, and send it to [email protected] with the same notes you have provided (as well as the details requested here).


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      That would be super helpful, thank you so much!
      I'll send the files and extra details over now.