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Pruning mesh forces not working with Hand Drawn(trunk)

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  • Pruning mesh forces not working with Hand Drawn(trunk)


    Working on a very custom tree with a unique hand drawn trunk that needs a death state. (just the trunk). On my other trees where I used the default trunk generator to start the tree, mesh pruning works great.

    But on my custom hand drawn tree..When I check box the allow forces box on the trunk and then add mesh force (plane) , select prune (just like the other trees). Nothing happens. I can not get this to work.

    Working Great

    Not working

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    Jonnycab We were able to replicate the bug you've experience and have logged it with our engineers to look into; we apologize for the inconvenience.

    In the meantime, we'd recommend hand drawing your trunk to the height you'd like and then capping, rather than using the prune force to produce the model.

    For our bug testing records, what version of the modeler are you using (version number and type (UE4 sub, Indie, Games, Cinema, etc))?


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      Thank you for the Reply!!

      I am using Speed tree 8 ver 8.4.1 for Unity.

      I'll try out the suggested solution for now. (seems like a good work around).


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        Jonnycab Best of luck on your work (the stylized textures look great)! We do have an 8.4.2 build available now in case you'd like to work with the latest version of the modeler. We can't say it'll fix this bug but it may fix others you encounter in 8.4.1.

        (If you're curious, you can read up on what's in the latest build here: