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concept art inside speedtree

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  • concept art inside speedtree

    in this tutorial I see there is a mesh imported (plane/grid?) and the concept art image applied as a material. I have attempted to do the same (same settings as you see) but it doesn't work. How do I import concept art inside speedtree?

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    My guess is that your plane isn't UV unwrapped.


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      vegipolygon: Sorry for the inconvenience; everything appears to be hooked up appropriately so we're not sure what might be going wrong.

      Test out making a mesh cutout with the plane you currently have imported, that way you can see if the image is being correctly applied to your plane.

      I successfully imported a plane with an image texture into SpeedTree: my process is outlined below in case it might help you.

      First I imported an image as a plane in Blender, then I exported said plane as an fbx and imported the mesh into SpeedTree. I then imported the image as a material set the material's mesh to the imported image plane. Finally I imported the plane as a mesh force into the SpeedTree viewport, checked "include in model", and then applied the image material.