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  • Broken Normals

    Hi. I've created a palm tree asset using a custom mesh for a trunk (added as a mesh frond as per the documentation) and spawning fronds and leaf nodes from this. I have 3 levels of lod for the trunk, all custom meshes exported as .obj files from maya. I have also set lod settings for the frond and leaf nodes in SpeedTree Modeler. The tree looks fine in SpeedTree Modeler as I scrub through all 3 levels of the lod chain, no visual errors.

    When I import the tree into UE4 however, the last level of mesh lod (before billboards) seems to have all of it's normals completely broken, there is no smoothing across any of the trunk or frond nodes. I've exported the 3 levels of custom trunk mesh back into maya to check the normals but everything seems fine.

    The vertex count displayed in UE4 is also a lot higher than the triangle count. I'm not sure whether this is due to the fact that the custom trunk node is a 'mesh frond' and so is being treated as a leaf with all the uv wind channel association or whether this is due to the broken normal issue that i'm seeing at the lowest lod setting which is causing verticies to become unique?

    Could you help me try and figure out what's going on please?