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Unity and speedtree question

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  • Unity and speedtree question

    I am just considering, a subscription to Speetreee for Unity. I have one question that I cant find a definte answer to. I have tested the free trees and I can work with them. however I need to interact with the trees. eg cut some of them down. Currently I model them myself and use bones to animate the tree falling down and the stump is left behind. Is it possible with the unity subscription to export the trees I make in your modeler as an fbx file. So i can make the anims and upon cutting down switch your model with my animated edit of them. I understand wind lod etc wont work, thats not a problem. I just need to know if I can get at the model in fbx to make an edited version.

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    Unfortunately, the Unity and UE4 subscription modeler doesn't allow OBJ/FBX export. However, our other modeler versions do.

    Here is the link to out website page that compares what is included with the different modelers:

    Hope this helps!


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      Thanks for the answer. disappointing but thats the way it is, I have been programming for 35 years, so I dont give up easily.
      Is there any legal limatation on me using speedtree unity to make my trees and then exporting them from Unity with Unity, making edits and adding them back. Or more difficult actualy editing the meshes in unity, via script. Both are possible as I have already done so with the demo trees over the weekend.


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        Hey there,

        I'm afraid we don't support any kind of export out of Unity. Finding a way to edit the meshes in Unity, as you mention, is your best bet.