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Mesh Import (Scale problem)

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  • Mesh Import (Scale problem)

    Hey guys, I've got a question about mesh scale when you import them in order to make them interact with whatever you're making.

    So sometimes I'll export an fbx from UE4 cause I'll want my (let's say in this case) tree to interact with it. When I import it into speedtree, to say that its "upscaled" is an understatement, its...HUGE. I'm curious if perhaps I'm missing something?
    I actually can't see it until I downscale it to like 10%-20%. I also tried with 3D package softwares so I don't believe this is a UE4 thing.

    At least the proportions are still relative which is good, nothing is stretched along a certain axis, but if lets say I want my branches to wrap around something, I have absolutely no clue how to adjust the scale so that its exactly the same like my scene in UE4.
    Sorry if this has been covered, I couldn't find an answer to it.

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    Hey Larry,

    I was just wondering if you found a solution. I'm having the same issue, except my models come in tiny and the scale parameter has no effect.


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      This question might be a good one for unreal's board since it's their export system. I'm not sure what theirs is doing internally. For a SpeedTree export to Unreal, we do a conversion scale so the size will be correct on import. It sets our tree to increase in size by 30.48 if that helps.


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        Thank You Sarah! I'm actually just going from 3ds Max to Speedtree. Trying to bring meshes in to build foliage around and trying to use modeled buildings for scale before generating foliage assets. I've scoured the interwebs for several weeks and can find plenty of posts/tutorials and documents on going from speedtree to 3ds max but very little, if any going the other way.


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          Thanks Sarah and Ken for chiming in! Unfortunately I have not, I kind of had to resort to some estimations and getting stuff "almost right" for now. Yes when I do speedtree to unreal I don't have problems, trees / foliage are the proper size, so at least that's good. Its just the other way around. I could try with other 3D softwares to see if I get a similar problem. Or else like you said I might have to ask this on the UE4 forum if I don't find an answer.


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            Old post but that's the one that pop up when doing a web search. I encountered the same issue, but from cinema4d. And finally figured it out : Speedtree is NOT in centimetre or meter, internally it is in feet !
            Therefore, while switching the units in feet in c4d, my fbx export is scaled correctly when imported is Speedtree.