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Speedtree Cinema and 3ds Max/V-Ray problems

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  • Speedtree Cinema and 3ds Max/V-Ray problems

    Hello all. First off I really do love this program (even though I haven't gotten it to quite work well for me...yet). I am running 3ds Max 2015 with V-ray 3.2 and have Speed Tree Cinema Version 7.0.7. I have just been trying to use the Speed Tree library. I have been just "opening a sample tree". Once it is loaded in the modeler, I have been using the "Export Mesh" option. I have tried using the 3ds Max for V-ray fbx option. I import that into Max using the script. It seems to come in just fine. But it doesnt seem to render quite right (colors seem off). I have also tried to use the V-Ray scene converter upon importing thinking maybe that would fix the apparent material issue that I am having. But still no luck. Also, on the export box in speed tree I am not sure what the "Geometry grouping" should be set to. I currently have tried both "by material" and "all". Both seem to still get me the same result. Is this the correct workflow? Or am I doing something completely wrong? Sometimes (depending on how I bring it in) I end up with a bunch of "RGB Multiply" nodes in the Mat editor in max that seem to be causing problems. I saw from someone else's post here that he turned "vertex color" to none, but that didnt seem to fix it either. Any ideas or comments would be greatly appreciated. I can try to upload a screen shot or two later (not at my computer at the moment). Thank you in advance for any responses...thank you!

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    Hey there,

    We're up to release 7.1.1 for SpeedTree Cinema, which includes several bug fixes for 7.0.7. The first step is to update the Modeler to 7.1.1 to see if that fixes any of the problems you're having. If you're still running into issues once you update, let us know.



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      Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I cannot get the update. This software isnt actually mine. It is installed on a friends laptop who is on vacation and loaned it to me so I can test this out and see if it is something that I can justify spending money on. It is quite expensive (but good). No, I am NOT using this commercially as I know that crosses the legal line. I did download the trial, but it doesnt let you export the full meshes. I will let my friend know that he needs to update this though. I dont think this is exporting "wrong". The more I look at these renderings the more I think it isnt bad actually. It is too bad that most of the trees/plants in the library are not found in the US, but I am toying with playing the mix n match game to maybe make them look more like US trees. I know I could model from scratch I guess, seems easier and faster to just find a library tree and just modify it. The modeler does seem to be extremely powerful. I will keep trying different things and see if I can come up with an easy workable workflow and then make a more informed decision whether I can justify this or not. Thanks again.