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exporting "grass" to fbx, 4kb empty file

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  • exporting "grass" to fbx, 4kb empty file

    hello. i have speedtree architect v7.1.1. i went to File > New. Right clicked in the view port and did > Add Geometry > Whole Models > Grass.

    i created a new material and instead of using a bitmap, simply tweaked the color to be green by turning on "color adjustment".

    i exported 5 variations to standard 3ds max FBX. the 5 FBX files are each 4kb in size and nothing imports into my max 2016 scene.

    i noticed in speedtree that "branch" was not checked in the "geometry types" rollout, when the grass was selected and i was on the branch tab.

    i was able to export/import when i put a check mark in the box for "branch".

    is it supposed to be like this or is grass a special case where you don't need to do that? having "branch" checked, increases the poly count a lot.


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    The grass should not have to have Branch selected as a geometry type to properly be exported and imported into Max. I tried the exact steps and could not replicate the issue. Could you do a 'Save as' and zip up that folder and send it to [email protected]?


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      DOH!!! i tried it two more times and happened to look at the export options instead of picking just 3ds max i checked all the options on the export screen and i needed to have "FRONDS" checked for export! i think that export window must save all previous options and i because i haven't typically used palm trees, i have had it unchecked at some point in the past. also, in the program the generator is called "blades" so i never put the two together

      i got it, already sent you the file but go ahead and mark this one solved!