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  • multiple flowertop

    I am trying to make Tanacetum vulgare, but have difficulties getting the (multiple) flowers right. Is it possible to import a combined mesh, where the small branches (green texture), which branch off from the top main stem, end in a dome-mesh for the flower texture?
    Or does anyone have an idea how to make those combined flowers?Click image for larger version

Name:	boerenwormkruid.JPG
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    This is completely possible. Create the domed mesh that you created in a 3d program and then import it. You will create a mesh frond generator and assign that mesh to the generator. For the texture you need put the two textures in a texture map, then UV map it in an outside program, export it as one single mesh and then import into ST. The UV coordinates for the texture map will be recorded and when you loads the map in the materials, it will lay correctly.
    Hope this helps!


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      Hi Julia,

      Thank you, this sure helps. One UVmap for both parts is the answer I needed.
      I also found another way in the meantime; using a bunch of twigs at the top of a branch didn't work, as I couldn't get them the same length, but with a bunch of thorns it worked perfectly. Sit a domed mesh for the flower on top of each.