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2 textures on one branch?

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  • 2 textures on one branch?

    Is it possible to get two textures onto one branch? Let's say I want to have a partly decaying branch, but the base still has bark (which would smootly blend with the trunk) and the top is bare, dead wood. I now did this with a copy of the same branch (knothole in fact), and shortened and widened the bark version, but it would be better to have it on one branch. I couldn't get that to work.

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    In your Material Tab editor, there is a loading option called 'Detail' and 'Detail Normal'. There you would need to load the secondary material and it's normal. However, to lay on top the main material nicely, I would add an alpha channel where the bottom is smoothly transitioned to black.

    Then, on the spine generator that you want to apply this to, assign said material. In the Property editor for this generator, there is a group named 'Texture Coordinates' along with a layer option called 'Detail'. It is here that you can edit the UV coordinates of the detail texture on top of the base texture.

    Here is the docs page describing the controls in the group. Just scroll down to the 'Texture Coordinates' group:

    Hope this helps!


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      Thank you, Sonia, that certainly helps.