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Trying to make speedtree work for my project. Question about how shader works.

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  • Trying to make speedtree work for my project. Question about how shader works.

    Hello, I am using speedtree for unity.

    My main issue is that I cannot find a reliable way to keep variations of the same tree within the same atlas. What I mean is, I make a pine tree and speedtree outputs it with certain UV layout. Then, I randomize that tree for another variation, but when I export the UV layout might be changed. This necessitates a second material -- hardly optimal.

    So one solution comes to mind: First, if I buy the indie license (pretty expensive for me) I can output the models as fbx. Then I can do whatever I want inside maya to make them conform to a single texture atlas. But the problem there is that the speedtree shader doesn't seem to work with ordinary fbx models? At least from my testing, if I plug in my own custom tree to the speedtree shader, the wind animation does not play. So what do I have to do to make a model compatible with speedtree shader? Is there some under-the-hood tag, or vertex colors necessary?

    I do see that I can export all open models with the same atlas, but whenever I tick that box speedtree crashes. Any advice? Is that the solution right there but it's bugged? Or some user error?

    That's a lot of questions, sorry. I really appreciate any advice! I know I can make speedtree work for this project, I just need to understand how it works a little better to find the best solution, i think.

    happy new years!

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    Hi Javor.alex : we're sorry for the issue you're facing. What version of the Unity modeler are you using? This sounds like a bug that may have been resolved in later releases and installing the latest version may fix the problem.

    My initial tests with the SpeedTree for Unity v8.4.2 modeler have yielded successful exports of multiple models to the same atlas.

    Let us know if that helps and, if not, please give us a little more context on what you're experiencing!


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      yes i did more searchign and found this was a bug in the older version. Upgrading to 8.4 solved it. I had been using 8.3.