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twigs disappearing from stalk depending on length of twigs

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  • twigs disappearing from stalk depending on length of twigs

    hello. another question, i'm sure i figured this out in the past, but forgot. in the screen shot of my attempt to make a bush, the highlighted stalk (i've targeted it/isolated it) does not have any twigs on it when i set the length of the twigs below like 72% (or whatever), once i'm over that threshold, the twigs show up - as pictured in the screen shot. in other words, i don't want the twigs to be as long as shown in this screen shot. other stalks do display shorter lengthed twigs, it seems that this one and one other stalk has this problem.

    the result is, i can see leaves but no twigs, so they are like floating.

    i've also attached the zip file.

    thanks again!

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    The disappearing twigs is occurring because of the 'Level of Detail' settings you have set for the 'Twig' generator. All the twigs will show up, no mater what the length, once you set the 'Branch Volume Threshold' value to '1.0' and the max out the green curve.


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      ah! thanks!