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  • Need some advise and help

    Hi all I'm new in Speedtree and need some help I want to change length of a tree but overall shapes of tree has changes. How can I freeze or do something that not affect the overall shap. sorry for my Engish language.
    Thank you all

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    Hey hammiez : because branches change relative to their parent generators, changing the length of the trunk's spine will slightly affect the rest of the tree. Your best option here might be to adjust the branch settings after you've changed your trunk settings to get the canopy back to how you would like it to be.

    We do have a node-editing mode where you can manually shift and change specific branches rather than the branches as a group, but this will mean your final tree will not randomize as well and what has been hand-edited can still disappear along the trunk if made shorter. You can read more about this mode of editing here:

    We'd recommend working bottom to top: get the trunk you want, then shape the branches, followed by lower level branches, twigs, leaves, etc.

    Two places I can recommend to reference as you are learning are our v8 docs:
    and our YouTube channel:

    Best of luck learning!


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      OK thanks you so much. appreciate KatLeeHong I will check it