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    Hello.I am beginner environment designer.Normally i am using Zbrush for modelling trees and grass but i am trying to learn SpeedTree.There are many things i wonder about it.The problem is i found some tree texture i cut it in Photoshop but it seems really bad.How can i open UV's or how can i export it to maya open UV's and import back to SpeedTree?Is there any detailed tutorial exept Youtube?

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    First up, what version of the modeler are you using? That will help me direct your workflow.
    All of your UV controls are under branch properties>UV
    You'll want a tileable texture applied to the branches, and from there you can choose the number of U and V wraps or offset the texture.
    If you're asking how to create the texture in photoshop, you'll want to keep all of your maps in layers and after you're done, Slide up your maps to the middle from either direction and patch the seams- there are a lot of tutorials out there but something like this one would help


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      Thank you for tutorial and respond.I am using 8.42 games indie version.UV controls is diffrent to me because normally i open them myself.Whatever i do texture do not fit to tree.Now i will try ir with tutorial.